Guest Post Guidelines

Howdy! Thanks for your interest in submitting a guest post to!

To make it easier for any bloggers looking to write a guest post, we’ve put together these guidelines. Please keep in mind that we just can’t use every post that’s submitted. Some may be way off topic or something we’ve already covered on our site. Or we may just not have the room for you right now.

Topics we’re looking for:

Being frugal: Ways to save money doing every day things. Like 14 Tips for Saving Money When Dining Out
How Tos: Various how to type posts about making something yourself or entaining your kids, etc.

Shopping: We love to shop and love reading about shopping adventures. Do you have a shopping buddy? Do you have fond memories of one particular store or shopping spree you had? We love good stories, especially when they involve shopping!

Shopping Tips: Whether it’s in store or online, if you have any tips or tricks for saving money while shopping, we love to share ‘em. (Ex: 10 Ways to Save Money With Social Media)

Products: Do you have an insanely awesome product you can’t live without? Do you worship your Keurig coffee maker like it’s one of your own children? Talk about what’s so great about this product or product line.

Creativity: We’re a big fan of creativity so if you have an idea for a post that’s not on the list, just let us know. As long as it somehow relates to shopping, saving money, being frugal or using some sort of product, we’re pretty flexible!

Guest Post Rules

1. Your submitted post must be ORIGINAL. Meaning, it must be unique. Further meaning, it cannot be published on any other site but ours. Not even your own personal website.

2. Posts must be well-written in English

3. You can include images with your post, but they must be of fair use. Do not just do a Google Image search, instead check out the Creative Commons section of Flickr, or use other free photostock websites, as long as proper credit is attributed in the article.

4. Include a short bio that can include up to two links. No affiliate links, please.

5. You must first Sign Up for an account at JoeShopping and upload a photo. The photo and email associated with this new JoeShopping account, will be tied to your Guest Post.

6. Post length is up to you based on whatever topic you choose to write about. We prefer meaty content that fully gets your point across, so write as much as you need to fully explain yourself. We prefer posts that are at least 500-750 words long.


If interested, please send your article idea to along with your contact information, some basic info about yourself and your blog, a short description of your article, and a few links to your best blog posts from your site. DO NOT SEND IN YOUR FULL ARTICLE.